Stefan Johannes Morent

was born in 1967 and studied musicology and computer sciences at Tuebingen University as well as recorder and performance practice with Kees Boeke and medieval music with Andrea von Ramm; he received his Master of Arts with honours in 1992 and his Dr. phil. in 1995 with

"Studies concerning the influence of instrumental music on vocal music of the Middle Ages".

In 2004 he completed his "Habilitationsschrift" on "The reception of Medieval music by composers in 19th century France".

At present he is teaching medieval performance practice and counterpoint at the Institute of Musicology of Tuebingen University and is a lecturer in the history of church music at Trossingen conservatory.   
He is also a member of the research projects Computer Science and Music at the Department of Computer Science and Ars et Scientia in the Middle Ages at Tuebingen.

He is often invited to give courses and lectures in medieval music at festivals and international symposiums in Europe, the US (International Congress of Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, Early Music Festival San Diego University, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies/ UCLA) and Australia (Melbourne University).